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79 episodes of The Complete Sinner's Guide since the first episode, which aired on July 3rd, 2019.

  • Episode 64: Love Is Where We're At

    October 23rd, 2021  |  55 mins 26 secs
    division, image of god, love, maturity, participation, progression

    On this episode of CSG, Josh and I take a look back in time and take you, the listener, on a journey of where CSG (and our own personal convictions) were to where we are now, theologically and practically in our walk with Christ!

  • Episode 63: Imago Dei (Image of God) Part 1

    October 16th, 2021  |  55 mins 34 secs
    ane, calvinism, death, election, federal headship, functional, hypocrite, image of god, intention, predestination, relational, repentance, representation, reprobation, salvation, sin

    On this episode of CSG, our beloved co-host Joshua Davidson is back after a brief stent with covid, so we got with Joshua Sherman (Tending Our Nets) and asked our fellow Christian YouTuber/Podcaster J.D. Martin from Exploring Theology, to come on the show and accomplish three things primarily:

    1. Explore the Biblical concept of what it means for humans to be created in the Imago Dei (Image of God),

    2. Reason how our personal views of the Imago Dei centers on and impacts aspects of the differing systems of theology we all hold,

    3. Explain the importance of not only our role as bearer’s of God’s Image, but practically applying this God given privilege to our real life experience and acting effectually in that role daily.

  • Episode 62: Creatio Ex Nihilo Part 1 (YouTube and TikTok Christian Collab)

    October 11th, 2021  |  56 mins 6 secs
    ane, creatio ex nihilo, creation, eternalism, functional, genesis, hermeneutics, matter

    On this episode of CSG, your host Tyler Fowler is joined by Joshua Sherman (YouTube - Tending Our Nets), David Russell (YouTube - PorA), and Andrew Elliot (TikTok - @andrewdoesapologetics) to talk “Creatio Ex Nihilo”! Did God create everything we see (and that which we don't) from nothing? What are the different interpretations of Genesis 1? Why does it matter? Check this episode out if Genesis, creation, or different interpretations of Genesis 1 & 2 interests you!!! Extremely thought provoking in my opinion and a great starter episode for anyone interested in diving deeper in this subject!

  • Episode 61: The Eucharist w/ Joshua Sherman

    September 24th, 2021  |  56 mins 11 secs
    blood, body, bread, communion, eucharist, fellowship, incarnation, lord's supper, new covenant, passover, transubstantiation, wine

    In this episode we invited Joshua Sherman (Tending Our Nets) back to take a look at one of the Sacraments/Ordinances Jesus gave us through a practical lens in order to gain an understanding of the spiritual significance of partaking of the "Eucharist", gathered in fellowship with the Body of Christ!!!

    Also I misspoke at the end of this episode. J.D. Martin and Joshua Sherman's episode will be on 10/15/21. Noah, Jimmy and I will be doing something special for ya'll next week so be sure to tune in at 7:00pm EDT at keqqradio.com for more CSG!!!! OPEN PHONES EVERY FRIDAY!!!! 1-855-450-6624

  • Episode 60: Resurrection & Justice w/ Chris Date & Robert Wiesner

    September 13th, 2021  |  56 mins 9 secs
    conditional immortality, eternal conscious punishment, eternal life, image of god, immortal, mortal, resurrection

    Join us on our 60th episode for a special Q&A on the nature of Hell, the resurrected wicked and the immortality of the human soul!!! Your hosts, Tyler Fowler and Joshua Davidson are wrapping up our study on Conditional Immortality and Eternal Conscious Punishment so we decided to bring our two friends, Robert Wiesner (Pastor at Kenmore Baptist Church) and Chris Date (Host of the Rethinking Hell podcast) back on for one last showdown!!!

  • Episode 59: Divine Permission pt. 2 w/ J.D. Martin & Dr. Leighton Flowers

    September 4th, 2021  |  1 hr 23 mins
    allow, cause, compatibilism, contra-causal freewill, determinism, effect, libertarian freewill, moral culpability, permit

    Join us on this LIVE edition of CSG for PART 2 of our episode "Divine Permission w/ J.D. Martin"! We had a good conversation off air w/ Dr. Leighton Flowers after releasing the ep. so we invited him on for part 2! Enjoy and may God bless this conversation!

  • Episode 58: Suffering Like Jesus (An Exposition of Luke 22:39-46)

    August 28th, 2021  |  53 mins 40 secs
    active obedience, atonement, follow jesus, god’s will, idleness, light, submission, take up the cross

    We begin this episode with some personal testimony from Tyler on what’s currently going on in his family life and how God is using all these things for good! Diving into a passage from Luke, 22:39-46, Josh then leads us in a symbolic exposition of the Scripture, showing Christians Jesus’ example during His most mentally, physically, and spiritually exhausting time of His incarnation, save the crucifixion, the Garden of Gethsemane.

    This episode is exceptionally practical for Christians during times of mental, spiritual and even physical suffering, encouraging us all to keep pushing forward and even discipling people during times of tribulation and distress! We never know who’s watching us during times of temptation and suffering. May we as Christians testify to the goodness of God by our actions so people may see the Image of God and Jesus Christ in us and glorify the God of Heaven!

  • Episode 57: Divine Permission w/ J.D. Martin

    August 14th, 2021  |  54 mins 37 secs
    allow, cause, compatibilism, contra-causal freewill, determinism, effect, libertarian freewill, moral culpability, permit

    On this episode of CSG, J.D. Martin (Exploring Theology) joins Joshua Davidson and myself as we seek to answer questions raised by Dr. Leighton Flowers (Soteriology 101) concerning what it means for God to “permit” events that happen in reality from the Reformed/Calvinist perspective.

  • Episode 56: Eternal Conscious Punishment Part 2

    August 7th, 2021  |  56 mins 19 secs
    annihilation, conscious, eternal, hell, punishment, resurrection

    Robert Wiesner is back for part 2 of our discussion on the nature of Hell! We examine Scripture as well as other Second Temple texts like Enoch, Jubilees, etc to answer the question of what happens to the resurrected wicked in Hell! Are they punished forever? Are they annihilated? Are there more questions to be asked? Join us as we dive into this debate concerning Christian eschatology to find out more!

  • Episode 55: New Covenant Theology vs. Mid-Acts Dispensationalism

    July 17th, 2021  |  56 mins 19 secs
    covenant theology, dispensationalism, mad, nct, new covenant theology

    In this episode we sit down with Stuart Brogden and Ian Renwick to discuss the differences between New Covenant Theology and Mid-Acts Dispensationalism.

  • Episode 54: Eternal Conscious Punishment w/ Robert Wiesner

    July 9th, 2021  |  56 mins 14 secs
    annihilation, conditional, conscious, essene, eternal, fire, gehenna, gomorrah, hell, immortality, judgment, pharisee, punishment, resurrection, sadducee, sodom, typology

    On this episode of CSG, we invited Robert Wiesner to come on the show to discuss the traditional doctrine of eschatology and Hell known as Eternal Conscious Punishment!

  • Episode 53: Open Theism w/ Will Duffy and Michael Chandler Keaton

    June 28th, 2021  |  55 mins 32 secs
    future, god, knowledge, open theism

    In this episode of CSG we sit down with the return of the prodigal son himself, CSG's co-host Michael Chandler Keaton to discuss "Open Theism" with special guest Will Duffy!

  • Episode 52: Postmodernism: A Christian Response

    June 19th, 2021  |  55 mins 49 secs
    deconstruction, heresy, modernism, objective, personal experience, philosophy, postmodernism, reality, relative, self refuting, theology, truth

    In this episode of CSG, David Pallmann and Dane van Eys drop by to discuss postmodernism in general and postmodernism in the Church! What is the Christian response to this ideology? Find out right here!!!

  • Episode 51: The Human Soul: Mortal or Immortal? A Biblical Examination with Chris Date

    June 5th, 2021  |  56 mins 6 secs
    afterlife, conditional, death, ect, everlasting, forever, gehenna, heaven, hell, immortal, lake of fire, life, mortal, resurrection, satan, second death, smoke, soul, spirit, tartarus, torment

    On this episode of CSG we are discussing the human soul! What is the Biblical understanding of what we call the “soul”, is the soul immortal and what are the implications of the soul’s immortality (or mortality) on Judgment Day?? I’ve asked Chris Date, from Rethinking Hell, to join us again on CSG to help give some biblical answer’s to these questions and more!

  • Episode 50: Angels & Aliens (E.T. from a Christian Perspective)

    May 30th, 2021  |  55 mins 40 secs
    aliens, ancient, angels, creation, deception, demons, enoch, evil, gospel, imago dei, intelligent, life, natural materialism, presupposition, rest, scripture, sovereignty, suffering, uncertain times

    On CSG’s 50th episode we invited special guest’s Ty Brillhart and Austin Griffin on to talk about angels and aliens! With the current buzz in mainstream media and reports on government “ufo” document’s to be released in less than a month (June 2021), I figured no better time than now to give this topic a whirl and discuss extraterrestrial’s from a Christian perspective! Do alien’s exist? Is there a possible connection between e.t. and angel’s like the “seraphim” and “cherubim” mentioned in texts like Genesis and Ezekiel? Do demon’s play a part in all of this? Where do I find comfort in times of uncertainty? How does human beings being made in “God’s Image” (Imago Dei) impact this topic?

  • Episode 49: Three Views of "Last Things" (A Discussion About Eschatology)

    May 24th, 2021  |  1 hr 47 mins
    advent, amillennial, antichrist, apocalypse, apocalyptic, bottomless, end times, eschatology, gehenna, hell, lake of fire, last things, maranatha, parousia, pit, postmillennial, premillennial, return, revelation, satan, second coming, the beast

    In this 2 hour episode of CSG Justen Simpton, Luke Huck and Robert Wiesner join the discussion about the last thing's to happen before Jesus comes back! Three views are presented: Premillennialism, Postmillennialism & Amillennialism