Episode 60

Resurrection & Justice w/ Chris Date & Robert Wiesner


September 13th, 2021

56 mins 9 secs

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About this Episode

Join us on our 60th episode for a special Q & A on the nature of Hell, the resurrected wicked and the immortality of the human soul!!! Your hosts, Tyler Fowler and Joshua Davidson are wrapping up our study on Conditional Immortality and Eternal Conscious Punishment so we decided to bring our two friends, Robert Wiesner (Pastor at Kenmore Baptist Church and Chris Date (Host of the Rethinking Hell podcast) finally back on for one last showdown!!!

Josh and I begin the episode with questions for both Robert and Chris like “What set you on your journey with this topic?” and “What is missing from the other side that would convince you of the truth of your opponents position?”

After brief introductions of the two positions, Chris and Robert nuance differences and similarities of their views of the immortality of the human soul, resurrection of the dead and eternal life. After an exciting back and forth, the two get into an exegetical debate on the content of Luke 20:35-36 and the fate of the resurrected righteous!

After hashing out the details of the text we begin to wind down, and end the show with Josh raising one last theological question: “Is the ‘Image of God’ retained in the resurrected wicked?”. Guess you’re going to have to listen to the episode for the answer from both Robert and Chris on this one!

Overall, as Robert put it after the episode off air “A lot of MEAT on them bones!” to which I wholeheartedly agree! This will be the last installment (for a while anway ;) ) of our Conditional Immortality and Eternal Conscious Punishment series! Make sure to check out ALL our episodes on this topic with Chris, Robert and Ross Burns either in CSG’s episode archive or our playlist on YouTube! God bless and enjoy!

Biblical and Extra-Biblical Passages Referenced
Genesis 3:22-23
Matthew 25
Luke 20:35-36
1 Corinthians 15
Revelation 14
Revelation 20
4th Ezra

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