Episode 54

Eternal Conscious Punishment w/ Robert Wiesner


July 9th, 2021

56 mins 14 secs

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About this Episode

On this episode of CSG, we invited Robert Wiesner to come on the show to discuss the traditional doctrine of eschatology and Hell known as Eternal Conscious Punishment!

Starting with the Old Testament we reference texts such as Daniel 12 and Isaiah 26 as a starting point for ECP and work our way into the New Testament to really see this theology in it’s fullness! We then discuss Josephus and the eschatological differences between Sadducee’s & Pharisee’s and the concept of “immortality” through universal resurrection of both the righteous and the wicked.

Revelation 14:9-11 is then focused on as Robert gives us a great explanation of John’s imagery of God’s wrath for individuals in this text. Then, to complete the picture, we jump right into Revelation 19:1-4 to see the system that is “Mystery Babylon” come to it’s complete ruin.

Much more is discussed in this episode including Revelation 21, challenges made to the Conditional Immortality view, typology, degrees of punishment, and an explanation of a Psuedepigrapha text from 4th Ezra!

I want to personally thank Robert for joining us on this episode! I absolutely had a blast preparing for this and cannot wait until Chris Date joins Robert and I on 7/23 to hash out the arguments made in this episode and more I’m sure that will be raised!

May God bless this discussion and may fruit and edification come forth from it!

Biblical Texts Cited:
Matthew 25:41-46
Revelation 14:6-12
Revelation 19:1-4
Revelation 21:1-4
John 8:51
Mark 9:42-43

Intertestamental Texts Cited:
4th Ezra 2:8-9, 14