Episode 52

Postmodernism: A Christian Response


June 19th, 2021

55 mins 49 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode of CSG, David Pallmann and Dane van Eys drop by to discuss postmodernism in general and postmodernism in the Church! What is the Christian response to this ideology? Find out right here!!!

Al Mohler points out that PM actively seeks to deconstruct Truth. Truth is revealed in Scripture by God. Seems to be a direct attack on Christianity.

Hypothetically PM is an attitude of skepticism: irony toward rejection of grand narratives, ideologies and universalism. It criticizes objective notions of reason, human nature, social progress, absolute truth and objective reality. Its predicated on the idea that the reason someone "categorizes" is to marginalize to obtain power. Power is pretty much all there is.

One element of PM states that human nature is merely a social construct. Dr. Jordan Peterson criticizes this notion by explaining that the reason human nature is merely a social construct is so the postmodernist can construct it however they like!

Postmodernism = Deconstructionism, Relative Feeling & leads to Socialism

Metaphysical (hard) pm:
no beliefs are true

Epistemological (soft) pm:

Subtle ways PM creeps in to the church:
Bible studies: what does this verse “mean to you”
Attack on Creation

PM is both philosophical and cultural.

What stems from PM:

  1. Race and Gender politics
  2. Advocacy journalism
  3. Political correctness
  4. Rejection of science and technology
  5. Multi-culturalism (all cultures ways are equal)

PM ultimately refutes itself with the denial of objective truth. If truth is not objective HOW can PM be objectively true?

Regarding morality or truth, ultimately what is "accepted" or "rejected" is utterly arbitrary. This places the person (instead of Jesus) as "God", the determiner of all "truth".

Practical Steps to Combat Postmodernism:
Know Scripture!
Love Others!
Make sure you are not part of the problem!