Episode 45

“Is Christianity As We Know It Dying?”


March 31st, 2021

56 mins 18 secs

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About this Episode

We begin this episode of CSG with a “What’s New” segment with our special guests Joshua “Jimmy” Davidson and Joshua Sherman! After some brief introduction’s of the guy’s, we jump right into Joshua S’ topic of the night, “Deconstruction and Apostasy in the Church”. This episode was picked by Joshua as part of our CSG Round-table Appreciation Night and we all know people, who use to profess Jesus Christ in the past but, for sometimes even famous people, walk away from the faith and what can we, as the Church, do about it?

The group the addresses the problem of lack of discipleship within the Church that is very deconstructing to every believer in Christ. Jesus taught us to go forth, AND MAKE DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONS (Matthew 28:19). We therefore address the two key characteristic’s of Christ that all believer’s in Christ should be aiming for, humility and submissiveness.

The conversation then takes a turn into the difference between “Christianity” and “Christendom” as we talk about the decline of Christianity in the West as well as the EXPLOSION of Christianity in the East and Middle East! It seems anyway, comparing Eastern and Western Christendom, that where in one culture, persecution is on the rise therefore we see a decline, the exact same thing is happening in other cultures and Christendom is exploding rapidly! Why is this?

We then move into the practical when the question comes up “What if I have been hurt by a local Church”?Jesus is a real Person and a real Savior, therefore do not let anyone interfere in your relationship with our God and Savior Christ Jesus!

This episode is definitely on my top 10 and am extremely grateful for Jimmy and Joshua and what they contributed to this episode! Much more content packed into this so please, if you or someone you know has experienced Deconstruction or even Apostasy in your journey, take a listen and if you would like to further this discussion one on one, shoot us an email at completesinner@gmail.com and we would love to help you in any problems that you may be experiencing right now.

God bless and thank you all for listening!

Key Points to Take Away:
• It is the Believer’s job to be loving.
• It is the Church’s job to disciple.
• There are numerous reason’s once professing Christian’s fall away.
• There is a difference between “professing Christian’s” and “regenerated Christian’s”.
• Don’t let anyone interfere with your relationship with Jesus.
• Be accountable.
• Be transparent.
• Live like Jesus.