Episode 44

Overcoming: Sexual Sin w/ Travis Worth


March 20th, 2021

56 mins 22 secs

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About this Episode

On this “close to home” episode of CSG Travis Worth sets down with us to discuss how to practically overcome sexual sin. We begin this one with Matthew 5 and giving an exposition of Jesus’s words in the Sermon on the Mount when He speaks concerning adultery within one’s heart. After a brief exposition of the Sermon, Noah and Travis then get into the kinds of struggles with this particular sin that they have faced! The team then answer’s questions like “Is this simply biological warfare we must engage with, or is there a spiritual side to fighting this sin as well” and, “How do we live a God centered life when noticing temptation starting to rise and beginning to take control of us”?

We then move on to Mark 7 to show how all types of sin, not just sexual, begin in the heart. To start fighting sin, we MUST begin with the heart, therefore we must begin with the Gospel. God gives us His Holy Spirit, not only to save and seal us for the Day of Redemption, but so that we can begin overcoming sin with the SAME POWER THAT RAISED JESUS FROM THE DEAD! This is so important in the Christian faith that we could not pass up speaking concerning this very thing!

I must say at this point the same thing Travis brings up next. SEX IS A GOOD THING. We have perverted something good that God has given us in marriage, so what can we do about it now? We FIGHT!

We wrap up the show with more practical steps that ANYONE can begin implementing tonight in your battle with sexual sin and not only that, but really any sin or temptation you are currently struggling with! This episode is PACKED with practical, biblical, content that will help YOU begin your journey in overcoming this devilish sin that goes against our very body itself! May God bless you all on your endeavors to become like the Messiah Jesus Himself!