Episode 78

Practical Christianity Ep.5: Narrative Structure w/ Gerritt Schuitema


March 20th, 2022

52 mins 24 secs

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About this Episode

What is Narrative Structure and why should I even care about it? This was my (Tyler) initial thought when Josh first began talking to me about this topic, but WOW, I am ever so glad we had this conversation with our good friend Gerritt Schuitema! Josh and Gerritt break down the importance of PARTICIPATING in the story in order to achieve an end goal, namely to become as Christ. All who are born again are also being sanctified (becoming more like Jesus), and when participate in the things Jesus Himself has commanded us to do (baptism, the Eucharist aka the Lord's Supper, ect) we are transformed degree by degree into His Image! This episode of CSG dives into details of Narrative Structure, emergence and emanation, how narrative structure connects to the Imago Dei, why it's so important for all human beings to be participating in what Christ has commanded all people everywhere to do and what happens when we don't!