Episode 76

Practical Christianity Ep.4.1: Temptation Tactics w/ Dane Van Eys & David Russell - CSG & PorA Collab


March 6th, 2022

52 mins 54 secs

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About this Episode

David Russell (Proselytize or Apostatize – PorA) and Dane van Eys join Noah, Josh and Tyler to answer questions like “How do we handle temptation & sin practically” and “How do we help others that are struggling with temptation”. All temptation is circumstantial yet, for believers, God has promised a way out in every temptation (1 Cor. 10:13). As believers in Jesus Christ, sanctified by the Holy Spirit of God, we must, at times, grit our teeth, push through the pain, find the door that God has promised to put in every temptation, and walk through it, even when we don’t “feel like it”. In the second half, we offer exegesis of Matthew 4 so come hang out with us for an hour and let us know what you thought of this episode of The Complete Sinner’s Guide!