Episode 72

Part 2 Oneness (Jesus Only) Theology w/ Andrew Elliott & Dr. Edward Dalcour


December 22nd, 2021

1 hr 35 mins 8 secs

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About this Episode

Andrew, Dr. Dalcour and I will be discussing oneness theology proper and theological implications of this doctrine as a whole. Get your Bible's ready because we are diving into the Scriptures to exegete passages oneness theologians use to support their claims as well as think through the logical and systematic outworking of oneness doctrine!

We will also be looking back in time in Church history to see the origins of where this theology stems from as well as taking YOUR QUESTIONS about oneness theology in general! So join Andrew, Dr. Dalcour and me as we dive into this movement to see what exactly "Oneness" or "Jesus Only" theology has to bring to the table!

This is part 2 of this episode so make sure to check out part 1 first over at completesinners.com!!!

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