Episode 67

Atheism & Apologetics w/ Dr. Braxton Hunter - Trinity Radio


November 13th, 2021

54 mins 57 secs

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About this Episode

We begin this discussion by going back in time to when Braxton first began interacting with atheists and discuss what it was that originally got him interested in apologetics in the first place. After some background on the events that unfolded that has lead him to where he is now with atheism and apologetics, we get into topics like our favorite arguments/evidences for God (Kalam Cosmological Argument); the role of the Imago Dei in asking questions like “Where do we come from?”; the Evidential Argument from Evil and other objections against the existence of God (and answers to those objections); then ending the show by looking into the future at the direction Braxton sees Christian apologetics going, especially with topics like consciousness and quantum physics!

Highlights and Conclusions
Overall I think the episode was fantastic! I love the Toy Story analogy Braxton used to describe Kalam and the practical direction the episode went when we began discussing evil and sin. I (as well as the rest of the CSG crew) really enjoyed having Dr. Braxton Hunter on and look forward to, Lord willing, doing more episodes with Braxton and Dr. Johnathan Pritchett in the future!

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