Episode 65

Has American Christianity Failed? An Interview w/ Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller


October 26th, 2021

1 hr 9 mins 7 secs

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About this Episode

Join us on this special episode of CSG as Josh and I sit down with author, podcaster, husband and dad, Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller to discuss problems and solutions to those problems within the larger context that is "American Christianity".

Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller is pastor of St. Paul and Jesus Deaf Lutheran Churches in Austin, TX. He is the author of Take They Our Life: Martin Luther’s Theology of Martyrdom (2019), A Martyr’s Faith for a Faithless World (CPH, 2019), Has American Christianity Failed? (CPH, 2016) and Final Victory: Contemplating the Death and Funeral of a Christian (CPH, 2010). He is the co-host of Table Talk Radio podcast, posts videos on YouTube at wolfmueller1, and has a number of other theological projects that all end up on his blog, www.wolfmueller.co. Bryan is a member of the Doxology Collegium. He and his wife Keri live with their four children in Round Rock, TX.

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