Episode 26

Which View Does Scripture Teach? A Debate!!!


July 31st, 2020

2 hrs 41 secs

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About this Episode

On this episode of The Complete Sinner's Guide Michael Keaton and David Pallman sit down with your host's Tyler and Noah to discuss why each of them holds to a different theological system. The debate over God's Sovereignty and man's responsibility goes back centuries, especially within Second Temple Judaism. Michael, a Calvinist and David, a Classical Arminian, bring the debate to the modern day to discuss and debate why each of them holds to the position's they do, and what some of the major faults are, in their expert opinion, with the other's view!

Side note from Tyler: This has absolutely been my favorite discussion to date on TCSG! I sincerely want to thank both Michael and David for coming on and discussing this topic! This discussion between Mike and David has been a long time coming and they have put so much work into this and the Lord's Will was for it to take place here! Also a big thanks to my co-host Noah! Without you TCSG would not be possible! I love you brother! And last but surely not least, my wife Lacy! I love you baby! You are a wonderful wife and the best mom our little girl could ask for! Thank you for letting me do this and taking the reigns with Kelcy while I prepare for these shows myself! Thank you God for everything you have given me! I pray you bless this podcast and may Your Holy Name and Your Son's Holy Name be glorified!